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I  invite you to take part in a free competition concocted by Kangatrip in partnership with Barista Basics Coffee Academy.

As a result of a random draw on December 21st, 2015, 10 candidates will have the pleasure of winning a coffee lovers gift offered by the Coffee Academy.

 The first prize – A free 5 hours course with Barista Basics Coffee Academy in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne

 The 9 following prises –  25% discount on the 5 hours course.

if you would like to participate, nothing could be easier :

 “Like” the Facebook page of the Coffee Academy and the Facebook page of Kangatrip

 Answer the 2 following questions in a private message on the Facebook page of Kangatrip

Question 1 - Where does the coffee plant come from?

Question 2 - What country is the biggest coffee consumer?

Good luck to everyone 




Summer is coming fast in Australia and competition between backpackers looking for jobs in Australian big cities is going to be tough.

Short term training exists in Australia, only few hours for some of them, giving you the chance to make the difference in front of a potential employer.

I would like to talk to you today about the Barista training course. This is a very useful and rewarding certificate to have in Australia.  I followed this training about 2 months ago with  Barista Basics Coffee Academythe only dedicated coffee training facility in Australia that is an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and run by people who have a background in roasting, wholesaling and retailing coffee.

Online competition - coffee lovers gift

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, there is a Barista Basics Coffee academy in each of those cities.

Several options inside this academy. The most popular with the strongest vocational emphasis in my opinion is the 5 hours Barista Training. This 5 hours barista course is nationally accredited (RTO ID: 91399) and covers SITHFAB204 Prepare and serve espresso coffee and SITXFSA101 Use hygienic practices for food safety.

During those 5 hours they will teach you how to use a coffee machine from scratch. With no prior experience, you will leave knowing how to:

  • Froth milk
  • Make espresso
  • Make all of the coffees that you would find in a café
  • Clean and maintain the coffee machine

Add our 2 hour coffee art class and you will not only get a nationally accredited certificate but you will also learn:

  • How to froth milk more effectively
  • Etching techniques
  • Fudge art techniques
  • Free Pouring techniques

Online competition - coffee lovers giftcoffee-art2

The training is at 95% practical with one coffee machine per student. Once the tacher has demonstrated one manipulation, you are independant on your machine and try to repeat the process as many times as possible. Of course, you are never really on your own. The teacher is always behind you checking and correcting your possible mistakes.

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I came up with the idea of writing a blog about my experience in Australia during and after my road trip.

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