Mexican wrap – Easy recipe for travellers

Here is an easy and tasty recipe for travelers who like to eat cheap and healthy.
When we see the price of those wrap in supermakets, we think it is better to make our own.

The Mexican wrap is a great bread substitute. Sweet or savory, you can bake some Mexican wraps for your breakfast and lunch.

For 10 wraps, you need : 

-300g of plain flour or corn flour
-160cl of warm water
-75g of cold butter
-2 pinches of salt

  • Pour flour and salt intbowl. Dice the butter into small pieces and place them in the mix flour/salt. Knead mixture with hands until you get a crumble texture.
  • Add warm water and knead mixture again until you get a soft and elastic dough. Leave it rest for about 10min.


  • Cut your dough into 5 or 10 equal pieces. For small wraps, you must get pieces of 50g each. For big wrap, the piece of dough should be around 100g. Shape them into little balls and place them in a place sheltered from air under a cloth.


  • Take the first little ball and spread the pastry dough with a rolling pin in order to get a very thin pancake (Because you’re travelling, you probably dont have any rolling pin, instead you can use your cellophane in rolls).
  • Heat up your sauce pan with a little bit of oil, just for the first wrap. Cook the wrap from 30 sec to 1min on each side until you get the result below.

galette3Let your imagination gwild regarding what you’re going to put inside. few days ago, we used the wrap as a pizza base. We added tomatoes, onions and cheese. It’s lovely for a pre-food and drinks.

Enjoy your meal!

Please leave your comments and recipes. 

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